Apple Now Dominated By Satanic Influence To Silence All That Is True

Grapple New World Order

Apple is threatening to ban Mike Adams’ Natural News app unless he refrains from talking about the evils of satanism, abortion, vaccines, migrants carrying disease, Infowars and censorship. (Article by The Alex Jones Show republished from The company claims those topics will create “reactions of disgust.” Adams exposes Apple as a tech giant that serves …

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Maxine Waters calls for nationwide social chaos to depose the President, sweep authoritarians into power


Source:  Natural News After her latest attempt to incite sedition, violence, and rioting on the streets of America, it’s time to hold Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) criminally responsible. Let us count the ways. When our founders designed our Constitution they included a provision whereby members of Congress could be removed from office if they were …

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Jewelry company now offering jewelry made out of harvested human embryos

New World Order Save The Children The Slow Boil

Source:  Natural News One enterprising company has found a new way to profit from couples’ fertility struggles: embryo jewelry. It is so outrageous that it almost sounds like a joke, but unfortunately, this is what our society has come to. When couples undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), human eggs are fertilized in an incubator in …

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Vaccinated children face a 3000% increased risk of dangerous allergy, stunning new science finds

New World Order

Source:  Natual News Not only are vaccine ingredients impure, but the methodology of rigorous vaccine use carries a whole additional set of risks. The current CDC schedule recommends 50+ vaccine doses before a child reaches six years of age. This rigorous vaccine schedule forces pathogens into a child’s body in an unnatural way, ultimately changing the way a child’s …

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Toxic herbicides used during the Vietnam War are still causing cancer and reproductive disorders across generations, study finds

New World Order The Military Industrial Complex

Source:  Natural News Half a century after being used in the Vietnam War, Agent Orange is still affecting people living in the area where it was used. In fact, one study has linked exposure to Agent Orange that was sprayed during the war to higher levels of some hormones in women as well as their …

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College grads expect to earn $60,000 in their first job—here’s how much they actually make

State of the Nation

Source:  MSN Each year, enthusiastic university commencement speakers tell students that the hard work they did in college will pay off if they simply continue to persevere. But a recent survey from LendEdu highlights how some of graduates’ expectations are not being met. LendEdu analyzed a College Pulse survey of 7,000 college students from nearly …

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Hurd says 1,000 Texas farmers could have land seized for Trump’s wall

New World Order State of the Nation

Source:  MSN Texas Rep. Will Hurd, the sole Republican representing a congressional district along the southern border, said more than 1,000 farmers in his state are at risk of having their land seized by the federal government to facilitate the construction of President Trump’s long-promised wall. “In the great state of Texas, we care about …

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