Agenda 21 Programming (Tiny Houses and Micro Apartments)

Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21) Cassidy's Corner


Who: UN Agenda 21 Part1

What: What’s Wrong with Sustainable Development?

When: Presently Ongoing

Where: Globally

Why: “Agenda 21 policies date back to the 70’s but it got its real start in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro when President Bush signed onto it.” UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL.—-Rosa Koire

How: This article is essentially filled with quotes from a source I am currently reading. I believe this source to be accurate because I have done some research. I am still researching and I am still astounded by what I find. Please follow up with your own research, take a little to attend your city meetings and see what is being planned for your city and ask why, even if it is under your breath. Also, try not to get stuck on the political party but rather focus on the information and whether it is true and happening in your town. I believe the information in the following quote “Human habitation, as it is referred to now, is restricted to lands within the Urban Growth Boundaries of the city. Only certain building designs are permitted. Rural property is more and more restricted in what uses can be on it. Although counties say that they support agricultural uses, eating locally produced food, farmer’s markets, etc., in fact there are so many regulations restricting water and land use (there are scenic corridors, inland rural corridors, baylands corridors, area plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans, huge fees, fines) that farmers are losing their lands altogether. County roads are not being paved. The push is for people to get off of the land, become more dependent, come into the cities. To get out of the suburbs and into the cities. Out of their private homes and into condos. Out of their private cars and onto their bikes.” – See more at:

I know we are all very busy juggling our many responsibilities but we are missing one. We need to pay better attention to what our officials are allowing. Do not get tricked by the buzz words Sustainable, Smart Growth, and such. Take a look around your cities and see what is going on. There is a lot of things I thought make sense, I believe Smart Growth and Sustainability makes since, until it is used to heard and enslave people. Take a look at this quote In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners. It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control. Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body. Moreover, people should be rounded up off the land and packed into human settlements, or islands of human habitation, close to employment centers and transportation. Another program, called the Wildlands Project spells out how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans.” See more at:

Have you seen the following things stated in this quote in your area? “Ok, you say, interesting, but I don’t see how that really affects me. Here are a few ways:
No matter where you live, I’ll bet that there have been hundreds of condos built in the center of your town recently. Over the last ten years there has been a ‘planning revolution’ across the US. Your commercial, industrial, and multi-residential land was rezoned to ‘mixed use.’ Nearly everything that got approvals for development was designed the same way: ground floor retail with two stories of residential above. Mixed use. Very hard to finance for construction, and very hard to manage since it has to have a high density of people in order to justify the retail. A lot of it is empty and most of the ground floor retail is empty too. High bankruptcy rate. “ See more at:

In a TIME article called 10 Reasons Texas is our future, Item 10 brings up Micro houses. “10. The rise of micro-houses

Cowen even predicts that micro-houses will become popular as people seek out super-low-cost living:

In the coming decades, some people may even go to extremes in low-cost living, like making their homes in micro-houses (of, say, about 400 sq. ft. and costing $20,000 to $40,000) or going off the grid entirely. Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses, blogs about his small homes built from salvaged materials at His business, based in the small rural community of Luling, east of San Antonio, offers custom homes, plans and lessons on how to be a salvage miner. So far he has built about 75 tiny homes … The micro-home trend is being watched by traditional homebuilders as well. Texas-based developer D.R. Horton, a member of the New York Stock Exchange and one of the largest homebuilders in the country, built 29 micro-homes sized from 364 to 687 sq. ft. in Portland, Ore., last year.”

Read more:

I wish I could remember the news story I saw a few weeks back where they were mentioning these single folks living in like 200 square foot apartments. Here is an article from Business News Network about the Micro-Condotrend growing in Toronto. Here is a sentence from that article “Smart House Condos is a new joint development by Malibu Investments and Urban Capital at the corner of Queen Street and University Avenue in downtown Toronto. Units start at $227,000 for a 300 square foot unit.” To me that is offensive, If I were looking for a home and the releator stated that 227k was the price for 300 square feet, I’d be tempted to slap the 227k from their vocabulary….two times. The thing I find pretty amazing is the store IKEA. I know you have noticed the little miniature apartment models that IKEA sets up for the customers to review. All the things they can fit in a 300 square foot space are pretty impressive. I have the hunch that IKEA is in on the Agenda 21 action (my opinion), I mean I have never been to Sweden so I cannot say that living in small spaces is common there, but I know that it’s not common in Texas. Places like San Francisco, New York, a lot of cities in Europe likely, but definitely not Texas and other parts of the US. I know you’re thinking “Goof ball”, but again do some research and share it, share it with me I am open. In closing, check this one out The 298-square-foot condoThe 298-square-foot condos in the Moda project now under way in Seattle’s trendy Belltown neighborhood near downtown sold out in one week, mainly because of their $150,000 price tag.” Wake the hell up and pay attention.

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