These Are Bluetooth Shoes That Order Pizza Hut Pizza and Control Your TV

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Source:  Review Geek

What if your shoes could order pizza for you? While we’re at it, what if your baseball cap could order beer? Or your football jersey could order some buffalo wings? Well, thanks to Pizza Hut’s March Madness promo, at least one of these sports-themed smart apparel food delivery fantasies is now reality.

The Pie Tops II–made in collaboration between Pizza Hut and Shoe Surgeon–are a limited edition pair of shoes designed to make game days easier and also more ridiculous. The right shoe features a button in the tongue that can automatically order a pizza (using an app connected to your phone, but who wants to touch one of those when you have a perfectly good shoe?)

The left shoe has a button that can pause your TV. This shoe is compatible with receivers from DirecTV, Dish, Fios, and Spectrum. To reiterate, your cable box needs to be compatible with your left shoe. If you try to use your right shoe to pause your TV, you’ll accidentally order pizza. So, you know, be careful with that.

There will be fifty pairs of the Pie Tops II will be available via HBX on March 19th. There’s no word yet how much these miracles of modern shoe technology will cost, but if you already know for sure you want to be one of the fifty people to shell out cold hard cash for pizza TV shoes, you’re not too worried about price. For the rest of us, we can just be happy that at Domino’s isn’t the only one innovating in pizza ordering technology anymore.

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