United Airlines Flight Chaos After Man Yells ‘Bomba’


Source:  MSN

Passengers on a United Airlines flight from Denver to Salt Lake City were left terrified after a man reportedly shot up from his seat, yelled “bomba, bomba” and attacked at least one other traveler.

Flight 570 was still grounded on the tarmac at Denver International Airport when the incident unfolded late Sunday evening (April 15).

Passenger Tara Kraatz said she heard the man “yelling bomb” before “starting a fight” with another passenger and opening one of the aircraft’s emergency doors.

Describing the incident in a Facebook post made public, Kraatz said the man “scared the s— out of all the passengers on the plane.”

She said passengers were forced to disembark from the aircraft and wait while the plane was searched “for any bombs.”

“Thanks to this man, we are now sitting in the back in the Denver airport as they search our plane and luggage for any bombs,” Kraatz wrote.

She posted an image of the man, writing: “Notice he’s not in handcuffs? We wait to go home or wherever final destination is and he gets wheeled away in a wheelchair.”

“All hell broke loose really,” another passenger, identified only as Steve, told Fox News.

Steve said the man “climbed over the back of his seat, started striking the passenger behind him. He then shouted out in a foreign language ‘bomba, bomba.'”

After the upset, the man reportedly calmed down and returned to his seat before being escorted off the flight.

Passengers were forced to disembark from the plane and were made to depart for Salt Lake City on a different aircraft, a spokesperson for United Airlines said.

“Flight 570 from Denver to Salt Lake City returned to the gate after a customer attempted to open the exit door,” the spokesperson said in a statement sent to Fox. “Law enforcement officials met the flight, which re-departed for Salt Lake City on a different aircraft.”

Kraatz said she is disappointed United Airlines still hasn’t reached out to her and other passengers over the incident to explain or update them on what happened. “I do I feel like they should,” Kraatz said. “He threatened all of us and I think we should be able to follow along with whatever’s happening to him.”

United Airlines has not responded to a request for comment.


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