Trump to Invite Putin to Washington as Top Advisers Seek Details of Their Summit Talks

State of the Nation

Source:  The New York Times President Trump plans to invite President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to Washington for another meeting in the fall, officials said Thursday, even as Mr. Trump’s top advisers groped for details of what the two leaders discussed in their last meeting in Helsinki, Finland. Mr. Trump’s director of national intelligence, …

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Google Duplex AI Could Take The Job Of Your Tech Support Guy

New World Order The Google Goolag

Source:  Fossbytes It’s already a known thing how Google Duplex left an audience of millions surprised by answering a phone call like a human. No doubt, it has raised ethical concerns. While AI making reservations and appointments over phone calls may sound creepy, Google is up to something else. The company is considering plans to license Google Duplex …

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Black Mirror’s Scary “Social Credit Score” Is Becoming A Reality In China

Double Dragon New World Order

Source:  Fossbytes If you’re a Black Mirror fan, you might very well remember the episode titled Nosedive, where people used their handheld mobile devices to give a rating out of five to almost every person they encounter. The episode showed how the protagonist Lacie faced problems as her overall social score went down. Lacie faced discrimination …

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Amazon Is Selling Facial “Rekognition” Tech To Government And You Should Be Worried


Source:  Fossbytes Amazon is selling its facial recognition technology called Rekognition to the American law enforcement agencies — this news has been making rounds in the digital media circuits for quite some time now. In response to this deal and ignorance of privacy risks, different civil liberties and human rights organizations have also voiced their opinions. Back in May, American Civil …

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