At Amazon’s Monee warehouse, robot co-workers are the new normal

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Source: Chicago Tribune While President Donald Trump was tweeting his “concerns” about Amazon on Thursday morning, accusing the company of “putting many thousands of retailers out of business,” the Seattle-based e-commerce giant was preparing to give public officials and the press a sneak peek at its first warehouse in Illinois where robots work alongside humans to fill …

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Walgreens cutting some employee benefits after announcing $100M pay boost

State of the Nation

Source: Chicago Tribune Walgreens is changing the benefits it offers employees and eliminating health insurance for a number of its eligible retirees, just months after announcing it would boost hourly wages for store employees. Starting in 2019, employees of the Deerfield-based drugstore chain won’t qualify for paid time off unless they work at least 30 hours a …

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‘Typhus zone’: Rats and trash infest Los Angeles’ skid row, fueling disease


Source: NBC News People “illegally dumping, food being discarded, accumulation of blankets and pillows, and human waste,” are attracting the rats, a business advocate said. Wholesale fish distributors, produce warehouses and homeless encampments line Ceres Avenue downtown, creating perfect conditions for rats. Uneaten food is dumped on the street — a salad platter was recently …

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DNA databases can send the police or hackers to your door, study finds

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Source: NBC News “Genetic genealogy databases act like a GPS system for anonymous DNA,” one researcher said. More than 60 percent of Americans who have some European ancestry can be identified using DNA databases — even if they have not submitted their own DNA, researchers reported Thursday. Enough people have done some kind of DNA test …

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Police: Letter led to remains of 11 infants hidden in Detroit funeral home ceiling

Save The Children

Source: KUTV An anonymously written letter led Michigan inspectors to find badly decomposed remains of 11 infants hidden in a ceiling compartment of a shuttered Detroit funeral home, police say. Inspectors with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs found the remains Friday at the former Cantrell Funeral Home, just hours after receiving the …

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