This Is How You Kill a Profession


Source: The Chronicle Review How did we decide that professors don’t deserve job security or a decent salary? How did we discard the idea of college faculty? That is, how did we decide to systematically eliminate an entire class of professionals whom we once trusted to conduct the final distillation of our children into capable, …

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What Good Cops Look Like: Sheriff and All Deputies Quit to Protest ‘Unconstitutional’ Jail Conditions

Blue Pride

Source: The Free Thought Project This month, a sheriff and nearly the entire department quit in protest of unconstitutional conditions despite being threatened with contempt for doing so. A sheriff in Oklahoma, along with nearly all of her staff have recently resigned from their posts to protest dangerous and unconstitutional conditions within the jail. During …

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Cops Film Themselves Viciously Beating Suicidal Hospital Patient for Their Own Pleasure

SS Watch

Source: The Free Thought Project After arresting a drug-dealing cop, the FBI searched his cell phone and found a video of him savagely attacking a hospital patient for his own enjoyment. When FBI agents launched an investigation into crooked drug-dealing Patterson Police Officer Ruben McAusland, they made a startling discovery when they seized his cellphone …

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