Erik Prince Still Wants Blackwater to Replace U.S. Troops in Afghanistan

New World Order Seppuku (The Corporate Takeover of America)

Source: Deep State Blog

When the idea of replacing U.S. troops in Aghanistan with mercenaries was first proposed Defense Secretary James Mattis said, rather generously, that “it was not a wise idea.”

In fact, it’s a crackpot scheme that refuses to die, mostly because of Prince’s connections to the Trump White House. Prince is on good terms with the president, and his sister Betsy DeVos is the secretary of education.

Last week Prince told Al-Jazeera, that he wants “to end the war by giving the Afghan forces the means to survive and to be much more [offensive].”

For RT, the state-dominated news network of Russia, Prince’s dream is a welcome opportunity to depict Americans as reckless adventurers.

Founder of the notorious Blackwater firm Erik Prince wants to end the 18-year Afghan stalemate with… another war which could see 6,000 mercenaries replace US troops on the ground once they leave the country.

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