Facebook’s Hire of Patriot Act Co-Author Raises Questions on Company’s Commitment to Privacy


Source: Common Dreams Social media giant Facebook made a major hire Monday, bringing on lawyer Jennifer Newstead as the company’s general counsel—a move that generated criticism due to Newstead’s work two decades ago drafting the Patriot Act.  The company announced the hire by citing Newstead’s extensive work in government. Most recently, Newstead acted as the legal …

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We’ll be eating the first Crispr’d foods within 5 years, according to a geneticist who helped invent the blockbuster gene-editing tool

New World Order The Military Industrial Complex The New Age

Source: Business Insider A geneticist at the University of California who helped invent the gene-editing tool Crispr told Business Insider she believes its most profound impacts will be on food. Several Crispr’d crops have already been made, and although you can’t buy them yet, she said she expects to see them in grocery stores within …

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Japan extends apology & restitution to victims of forced sterilization law

New World Order

Source: RT The Japanese government apologized to thousands of people forcibly sterilized under a now defunct eugenics program, and offered the victims money in compensation. The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe devoted 3.2 million yen (US$28,000) to all surviving victims of the program, while Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga extended “sincere remorse and heartfelt …

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Out of the Ashes: Clash of Civilizations Could Summon New World Religion

Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21) New World Order

Source: Old Thinker News Rockefeller-backed Federal Council of Churches pushed “World government”, “Universal system of money” and “Worldwide freedom of immigration” in 1942. The council was told by Dr. William Paton, co-secretary of the World Council of Churches,that “Collectivism is coming, whether we like it or not“ For those paying attention, there is a discernible …

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