Texas man used James Bond technology to hide his license plate — now he owes $5,400 in tolls

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Source: MSN

A Texas man was arrested after cops realized he was using a “license plate flipper” to avoid paying tolls.

The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office charged Preston Cody Talbot with possession of the device.

The license plate flipper, like something out of a James Bond film, gives users the ability to flip their license plate 180° to display another plate. It is installed at the back, and the driver only has to press a button to switch the display.

A website that sells these devices says that “The product is great for use in car shows, advertisements or as a novelty,” but they “discourage the use of

product to avoid red light cameras, beating red light cameras or avoiding toll booths or toll cameras.”

But Talbot didn’t heed that advice.

He was pulled over at a routine traffic stop for not paying a toll, and officers arrested him after they noticed the license plate flipper installed.

Talbot reportedly owes $5,400 in tolls.

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