Amazon is working on a device that can read your emotions

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Source: Fast Company

Amazon is working on a wrist-worn wearable that will allow the device to read the wearer’s emotions, reports Bloomberg. Bloomberg found out about the device after it obtained internal Amazon documents referencing it. The device is reportedly being developed between Amazon and Lab126, the hardware group behind the Kindle, Fire Phone, and the Echo speaker.

But beyond that, not much is known about the device, including what its intended purpose could ultimately be. No one has ever clamored for a 21st-century digital version of a glorified mood ring, and it’s not clear how the wearable could benefit the user. After all, people generally already know the kind of mood they’re in when they’re in it.

Presumably, the wearable could alert others when you’re in a bad mood (or happy or . . . horny), but if that’s the case, who’s going to buy a gadget that broadcasts their moods to the world? It’s also possible the wearable Bloomberg has obtained information on will never see the light of day and is just something some crazy scientists at Amazon were fooling around with because the company has more money than it knows what to do with.

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