Become Part of the 2%

State of the Nation

Source: All American Clothing Today only about 2% of clothing sold in America is actually being made here. That’s right, 98% of the clothing that Americans are purchasing is coming from a foreign country. We’re here to change that! Everything we offer is made in the USA! So buying our clothing makes you part of …

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Israel & US Conduct High Altitude ‘Arrow-3’ Missile Defense Tests In Alaska

The Jew World Order

Source: ZeroHedge Following Iran’s provocative test firing last week of its medium-range ballistic missile the Shahab-3, which is capable of hitting Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday the successful test firing of Israel’s own Arrow-3 ballistic missile shield over Alaska,tests previously considered secretive. “The performance was perfect – every hit a bull’s eye,” Netanyahu, who …

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Chinese “Cyber-Dissident” Sentenced To 12 Years For Publishing State Secrets

Double Dragon

Source: ZeroHedge China has sentenced a so-called “cyber-dissident” to 12 years in prison for leaking state secrets on his controversial website, according to The Guardian.  Huang Qi was found guilty of “leaking national state secrets and providing state secrets to foreign entities” to his website, 64 Tianwang – named after the bloody 1989 Tienanmen Square crackdown …

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Oligarch Koch Brothers Blast Plans to Freeze Refugee Resettlement

New World Order

Source: Big League Politics The billionaires have directed their network of political front groups to oppose any reduction in refugee resettlement numbers. As the Trump administration considers a plan to either reduce or eliminate costly and ineffective refugee resettlement programs, the billionaire Koch brothers have deployed their extensive political network to stop the plan in …

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