Trump: Saudi paid $1bn to increase number of US troops in region

The Military Industrial Complex Trump Tracker

Source: Middle East MOnitor US President Donald Trump said that he made Saudi Arabia pay the US for the increased presence of American service personnel in the region as a result of the regional tensions. In an interview with the American TV channel Fox News, Trump said: “Saudi Arabia is paying us for [our troops]. We have …

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Half of single seniors can’t pay for the basics: Why Social Security’s not enough

State of the Nation

Source: MSN Money Retirement is often called the golden years. Many elderly Americans probably wouldn’t describe it that way. Recent research from the Center for Social and Demographic Research on Aging at the University of Massachusetts Boston found that many older Americans don’t have enough money to get by. The report estimates that 50% of …

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Foster children are still sleeping in state offices amid shortage of homes

Save The Children

Source: Austin-American Statesman The number of Texas foster care children who slept in state offices, hotels and other temporary housing spiked last year, as the child welfare system continues to grapple with recruiting and retaining specialized foster homes. Last year, the monthly count of foster care children who did not have a home for at …

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The Military Industrial Complex

Source: SHTF The hypocrisy is unbelievable.  In order to comply with United States sanctions on Iran, Facebook’s thought police have taken to censorship on behalf of the government.  At the same time, President Donald Trump warns Iran not to use censorship. It’s become painfully obvious that the ruling class wants to get us into another …

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The $95 Billion Centerpiece of the Trade Deal Is Already In Doubt

Double Dragon State of the Nation

Source: MSN Money In all, China could make almost $95 billion in additional purchases of American commodities as part of its trade deal with the U.S. The prospect is already drawing skepticism. Most U.S. agricultural markets weakened Wednesday, with traders saying they need to see actual evidence of increases in shipments for prices to make substantial gains. …

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60 Minutes Australia Shows How ‘Former’ Mossad Agents Worked to Shut Down Harvey Weinstein Story

The Jew World Order

Source: Information Liberation 60 Minutes Australia released a short documentary Tuesday on YouTube showing how “former” Israeli Mossad agents worked on behalf of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein to allegedly spy on and intimidate his accusers into silence. WATCH: Description: In a major 60 MINUTES investigation, Liam Bartlett reveals an added level of Weinstein wickedness. To …

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