Your kid’s “smart watch” lets anyone in the world trace their location. Again.

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Source: Boing Boing Back in 2017, the Norwegian Consumer Council published a damning report on the privacy leaks from kids’ “smart watches,” a parade of horrors that included allowing unauthorized third parties to trace your kid’s location, and also to covertly eavesdrop through the watches’ microphones and bark creepy orders at them through their speakers. …

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Apple Now Dominated By Satanic Influence To Silence All That Is True

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Apple is threatening to ban Mike Adams’ Natural News app unless he refrains from talking about the evils of satanism, abortion, vaccines, migrants carrying disease, Infowars and censorship. (Article by The Alex Jones Show republished from The company claims those topics will create “reactions of disgust.” Adams exposes Apple as a tech giant that serves …

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Amazon reportedly planning Alexa microwave, subwoofer, and more this year

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Source:  The Verge Amazon is planning to introduce as many as eight new Alexa-powered smart home devices later this year, according to a report from CNBC today. Those devices will be a wide-ranging offering of voice-controlled gadgets: a microwave oven, an in-car gadget of some sort, and a set of higher-end home audio gear, including an …

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Apple’s widened ban on templated apps is wiping small businesses from the App Store


Source:  Tech Crunch F ollowing its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple released updated App Store guidelines that included a new rule allowing it to ban apps created by a “commercialized template or app generation service.” The understanding at the time was this was part of Apple’s larger App Store cleanup, and the focus was on helping …

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