Google-owned YouTube now promoting pedophilia with its new “fairness” algorithms

New World Order The Google Goolag

Source: Natural News A big priority for YouTube right now involves tagging conservative videos as “hate speech” and pushing them to the bottom of users’ search results. But the Google-owned visual content empire apparently sees nothing wrong with algorithmically steering its pedophile contingent towards videos of young children. It was none other than the The New York Times (NYT), believe …

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Oakland real estate developer’s controversial cash stunt to clear homeless camp backfires

Californication New World Order

Source: MSN Money Developer Gene Gorelik, of the Oakland Redevelopment Group, stood on a boom lift holding a bullhorn announcing, “Free money! Free money!” and dropping dollar bills over a homeless encampment in Oakland, California, Friday morning. Wearing an elf costume, Gorelik offered residents $1,000 each to move, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “This is …

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Alcohol-Free Bars Caught on in the U.S. and U.K. But Can They Go Global?

New World Order

Source: Fortune In the United States, there’s the salad bar. In Italy, you take your espresso at the bar. In Japan, standing sushi bars are popular destinations. Cafés and restaurants—institutions at the core of human interaction—take divergent shapes within different cultures. A bar provides patrons with a universally accepted environment: Walk in, sit down, and …

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The Next Big Privacy Hurdle? Teaching AI to Forget

New World Order The New Age

Source:  Wired When the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) a year ago, one of the most revolutionary aspects of the regulation was the “right to be forgotten”—an often-hyped and debated right, sometimes perceived as empowering individuals to request the erasure of their information on the internet, most commonly from search engines …

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