‘Nerd,’ ‘Nonsmoker,’ ‘Wrongdoer’: How Might A.I. Label You?

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Source: The New York Times ImageNet Roulette, a digital art project and viral selfie app, exposes how biases have crept into the artificial-intelligence technologies changing our lives. When Tabong Kima checked his Twitter feed early Wednesday morning, the hashtag of the moment was #ImageNetRoulette. Everyone, it seemed, was uploading selfies to a website where some …

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How Amazon Rekognition helps in the fight against some of the worst types of crime

Amazeddon New World Order The New Age

Source: Amazon Emerging technologies give law enforcement new tools to combat sex trafficking and other abuses. A detective sits at a computer with a victim’s picture taped to the screen as he scrolls through pages of online ads looking for a visual match. That’s how police investigators described for researchers at Carnegie Mellon University how …

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12 Ways Airports Are Secretly Manipulating You

The New Age

Source: Pocket Next time you fly, pay close attention to the airports, their design may be more intentional than you think. Over the years, airports have evolved from bare-bones transportation hubs for select travelers to bustling retail centers for millions. They’re being designed to both complement and influence human behavior. Everything from the architecture and …

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Facebook is building tech to read your mind. The ethical implications are staggering.

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Source: Vox Our brains are perhaps the final privacy frontier. Facebook wants to create a device that can read your mind — literally. It’s funding research on brain-machine interfaces that can pick up thoughts directly from your neurons and translate them into words, the company announced in a blog post last week. The short-term goal …

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China has started a grand experiment in AI education. It could reshape how the world learns.

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Source: MIT Technology Review In recent years, the country has rushed to pursue “intelligent education.” Now its billion-dollar ed-tech companies are planning to export their vision overseas. Zhou Yi was terrible at math. He risked never getting into college. Then a company called Squirrel AI came to his middle school in Hangzhou, China, promising personalized …

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