U.S. Challenges Beijing as China, Russia Prepare Drills

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Source: MSN The U.S. issued its latest challenge to Beijing over Taiwan on Sunday as Chinese and Russian fleets met for major exercises off China’s east coast, an area that has become a tense flashpoint between Beijing and Washington. Two American warships sailed through the Taiwan Strait—the 112-mile-wide body of water separating Taiwan from mainland China—on …

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More American Troops to Afghanistan, To Keep the Chinese Out? Lithium and the Battle for Afghanistan’s Mineral Riches

Double Dragon World War 3

Source: Global Research Barely a few months ago (August 2018), Trump was calling for an escalation of the war in Afghanistan. Why?  It was presented to public opinion as part of America’s “Global War on Terrorism”, going after the bad guys.    And now Trump is calling for the withdrawal of US troops. Will it …

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The Daughter Of The RICHEST Man In Africa Got MARRIED . . . And It Looks WAKANDA!! (Bill Gates Was There)

World War 3

Source:  MediaTakeout The wealthiest Black person in the world is Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote – he’a worth $14 BILLION – or more than 3 times Oprah’s net worth. This weekend, Aliko’s daughter Fatima Dangote got married to husband Jamil Abubakar. The two celebrated the grand finale of their entire wedding events. The couple had a …

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